Gift Certificates for Employees

Administrative Professionals Week is an annual April event. In many places of employment, it’s traditional for bosses to give the administrative professionals who work for them some sort of gift.

The first rule of gift giving is to know what sort of gift would be most appreciated and valued. Often, this is not a secret and it’s easy to decide what to give if you’re the boss.

But, in many cases, you may have no idea what to give. If you fall into this classification, you may find that giving a gift certificate is both easy and highly valued by the recipient. It’s very easy to get a gift card/certificate from a local mall or nearby store, but the ultimate in ease and variety of available merchandise is Amazon on the web.

While it may in some ways seem impersonal, giving an Amazon gift certificate offers several benefits.

First of all, it eliminates the guess work involved in deciding what to get.

Second of all, it’s easy to order. And, you can simply send the certificate by plain email or you can send it by email accompanied by a fancier email card. Of course, it’s also possible to order paper gift certificates, though these do take a few days to arrive after ordering. If you are in a rush, the email gift certificates can be ordered and delivered (via email) the same day.

The third, and most important, reason for giving an Amazon gift certificate is because today you can buy practically anything on Amazon AND many people already have a “wish list” already set up. They’ve already identified some thing or things that they want. They’re just waiting to get the cash in hand to make the purchase.

When you give them a gift certificate, you make it possible for them to buy those things that they want. Most importantly, given a fixed dollar amount, the recipients themselves are able to identify what they MOST want and can then allocate the dollars to the purchase.

It could be that an administrative professional who is a mother most wants to get her child a particular book or toy. Giving a gift certificate allows her to do that. Getting that book or toy may be much more important to her than receiving flowers or being taken out to lunch.

Of course, there’s no one right answer here to what’s right to give on Administrative Professionals Day, but if you do chose to give a gift, keep in mind that there may be benefits to giving a gift certificate.

And, it goes without saying, that the thoughtfulness implicit in giving a gift of this nature does help to boost employee morale.


Administrative Professionals Day® is observed annually the Wednesday of Administrative Professionals Week. Administrative Professionals Week® is always observed annually during the last FULL week in April, standard Sunday through Saturday calendar week.